Application for Non-Degree-Seeking Students

Classification of Students
Non-Degree-Seeking students are those who are approved by the Office of Admission to take certain courses at Whitman College but not to pursue a degree or program. Non-Degree-Seeking students may not represent any college organization, participate in intercollegiate athletics, and are not eligible to be pledged to or hold active membership in organized social groups. If Non-Degree-Seeking students wish at any time to become regular students, they may apply to the Committee on Admission and Financial Aid in the usual way. Non-Degree-Seeking students generally may not maintain residence in college housing.
Admission Provisions
A person may apply through the Office of Admission to attend Whitman as a Non-Degree-Seeking student if he or she wishes to take certain courses but not pursue a degree program. Non-Degree-Seeking students register on a space-available basis and must secure written permission from the professor after the first day of the semester.

Application Instructions
Please submit this application at least 1 week prior to the first day of the semester to which you are interested in attending. The Admission Office will notify you of the status of your application within three business days.